Tax Services


Tax Services

“You have NO choice when it comes to preparing your taxes, but you DO have a choice as to how much you’ll pay to have them prepared” – DMB Tax

We can assist you with:
T1 Tax preparation

  • Small business and home based business returns
  • Rental properties
  • Corporate T2 Returns
  • HST remittances
  • T1 Adjustments & other government for filing
  • Fast Efile service
  • Professional tax software
  • Individual tax returns
  • T4/T5

We make tax preparation easy on our clients, we offer three ways to collect your data:

  • You can drop it off at our office
  • We offer a pickup and delivery service ($5 surcharge applies)
  • We accept electronic transmission of tax documents from clients through secure means

Referral Program: Our referral program is the life blood of our business, we pride ourselves on customer service and we work hard to gain your trust and repeat business!

  • Refer a friend and receive 25% off per referral the following year on your tax return
  • All new clients also receive a 25% discount for trying our services

Tax Planning: As a Certified Financial Planner we can also look at your whole financial picture and help you with in depth tax planning to ensure you keep more money in your pocket.

Resources: This section has my forms, links to CRA, WSIB, CPP etc.



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